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Artifacts & Collections

Perhaps the most important thing we can accomplish prior to opening the Iowa Transportation Museum is to identify, catalog and be able to communicate with organizations and individuals that possess unique, historic or otherwise significant transportation-related memorabilia. We also need to make contact with those who have significant information that should be documented or preserved, or have a strong interest in furthering the development of a comprehensive facility as this.

Therefore we are asking you to contact us regarding any historic transportation documents, artifacts and other related items that you are aware of. We will keep all information confidential, but are merely seeking to catalog ‘what is out there’ at this time.

We see this ‘cataloging’ function to be an extremely valuable asset for scholars and those with a serious need to research aspects of transportation history, most particularly transportation systems, such as highway construction, railroad lines or airports.

Many private collectors have extremely valuable materials they may be willing to share or donate under proper conditions. We also know that many individuals or families are placed in a difficult situation when they must dispose of a collection. Often they do not know where to turn to find an appropriate method or recipient for the collection. Please contact us so that we may assist you in this process.

Once the documents, collections and artifacts have been located and cataloged, we wish to provide a service to researchers by making this information available for scholarly purposes. This will require the development of an interactive system, most likely web-based, that can respond to inquiries and provide direct assistance to researchers.

If you own or know of a Spaulding vehicle or Spaulding parts, we would love to get in contact with you!